All Benefits with One Google Account

Anybody who has a lot of interests on the internet will be finding it very difficult to manage a multitude of online profiles. The number of online profiles that a businessman or even an individual has to manage is quite ridiculous. You would be having social media profiles to manage and apart from this might also be having additional profiles for other online tools and services. There is a time when you might end up mixing personal profiles with your business profiles. In order to prevent such hassles, Google has come out with a very easy solution and that is to operate all the Google services with just one user profile. With your username and password that you have created for Gmail or Gtalk or Google Adwords, you will be able to operate any other type of services that the search giant offers for internet users.

one google account gmail

If you want to take full advantage of the one google account you need to first create a single profile. The best way forward is to create a Gmail account for yourself as all the Google mail you receive will go to one inbox. This is the central login now for all the Google apps you would like to use. This Google profile will help you to easily transition between the services. Navigation between accounts will not be a problem at all.

What You Can Access?

With a single Google account, you have the option of accessing everything and anything that Google offers on the internet. With a Google+ account, you have the option of sign in into Google services for free. So, this gives you the freedom of creating different usernames and passwords for various Google services. It will give you freedom from remembering a lot of login details for each Google service and you need to just remember one username and password to access all Google services. The following are the Google services that you can access with your Google account.

  • Gmail: This is the popular free web based email system offered by Google. It allows you to stay connected with your friends, families, relatives and business contacts.
  • YouTube: This is the most popular online video streaming service offered online which you can use for pleasure or for work.
  • Google Drive: This offers you online cloud storage facility that allows you to share presentations, spreadsheets and form creations online.
  • Google Analytics: This is most suited for small and large businesses with websites as it offers the best analytics tool for the website.
  • Google+: This is a popular social network offered by Google that allows you to share content with other contacts as well as carry out hangouts and video chatting.
  • Google Adwords: This is a feature for business websites. This is paid search service offered by Google that is also a great keyword research tool.

With so many Google services to use, you might get confused with the right username and password for each of the Google services. To simplify matters, Google has come out with the simple one google account for many service options.

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