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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Gmail is the most popular and well known free web based email service used by many people all across the globe. There are millions and millions of people who are currently using the Gmail account to send and receive messages from friends, business associates, colleagues, girl friends, family members and even foes. There are a number of new users who are signing up for Gmail accounts every single day. If you are not familiar with the steps involved in logging into Gmail account, then you need to read the following article.

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Login To Gmail

The first and foremost thing you need to know is that you should have a valid Gmail account created in order to login gmail. To do so, you will need a PC or a laptop, tablet or a Smartphone as well as good internet connection to log in to Gmail. Logging in to your Gmail account will not take much of your time. In order to log in to Gmail account, you will need to know the username and the password that you had created when opening the account. Care must be taken to keep the information about the username and password safe all the time and not tell anyone about it, as they can have access to your email account. You must make sure that you do not share your password to anyone, even your best friend as they will be able to access your account with the password. The username would be the Gmail e-mail address that you had created while opening the Gmail account.

Guidelines to Login to

As Gmail has a very user friendly interface, logging into your Gmail account will not be a problem, even if you are signing in for the very first time. The following are the steps you need to follow to log in to Gmail.

  • Go to the Gmail official website and once you are in the Gmail website, you will see on the page that you have empty boxes under username and password options.
  • The first box is where you will be entering your username, which is your Gmail email account. Make certain that you are entering the exact username that you had used to create your new Gmail account.
  • In the type box, under the password option, you need to type the exact password you used when you opened a Gmail account. Be careful of putting the alphabets, numerals and special keys in the same way you used when creating a Gmail account so that you are able to access your Gmail.
  • Once done, you just need to click on the blue gmail sign in button shown on the screen. Congratulations, now you have successfully logged in to your Gmail account.

There are regular updates and maintenance carried out by Google on their free web based Gmail e-mail service so that millions of users do not have any trouble using the Gmail service.

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