Gmail Offers a Great Place to Hangout Virtually

Gmail is a popular web based email service that Google has introduced. Google being the most popular search engine toolbar that people use, it is only to be expected that people would take up Gmail which is a free email service offered by Google. However, Google has made Gmail better by the day and several new features and enhancements as well as linkage to other services of Google has ensured that Gmail users find something new to do and value added services to use along with their email account on Gmail.

google hangouts

Gmail inbox offers several advantages for which it is a great free email feature to use. Once one has a free Gmail account, they will find their mails automatically categorized into Primary, Social and Promotions. Tags and filters is another attractive feature of Gmail. Spam mails can also be marked and removed easily. The large storage facility of such an email account makes it unnecessary for email users to delete their mails. One can send across large attachments or share files and folders through Google Drive, a cloud storage service of Google that is made available for all Gmail users.

Google Chat is a messenger tool that had existed with Gmail for quite some time. Those who logged into their Gmail account could add their contacts to Google Chat and after one accepted their chat invitation, one could see which friends are online, who is away or unavailable and so forth. This allowed people to chat and communicate in real time, besides sending across mail messages to each other.

The same messenger platform has been enhanced and made part of the social media platform called Hangout introduced by Google. Known as Google+, Hangout is the chat platform of this social media site which can be easily accessed by Gmail users. If you are an existing user of Gmail, all your contacts are already present in this space. Those who wish to add a Google+ account, they can create their profiles and add their friends. They can start conversations with friends and family members.

There are several exciting features offered to Hangout users. You can chat through video with ten friends at the same time. Thus, for family members who are far apart, they can connect at the same time through Hangout and chat. Even live video conferencing facility is available on Hangout. If you are witnessing a live performance or wish to share a live presentation with a colleague, you could do so through Hangout. Gmail being a common email account, it is easy for anyone to have a Hangout profile.

The possibilities are endless and it is so easy to use such features for Gmail users. Such users need not create separate Hangout accounts. They simply need to download the app for their smartphone in order to get all the features of this social media platform on their phones as well. In such ways, Gmail has made email an exciting place by adding Hangout to the many benefits offered to the Google account users.

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