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Millions of people depend on email services for their communication every day. Gmail from Google is a well known email service which has been providing commendable mail service to their account holders. However, there are still great many people who do not have a Gmail account or who do not know how to login or sign in into the Gmail account and use it for their needs. In this article are the guidelines for sign in account easily.

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What You Need?

In order to use the gmail email service you need some basic things such as a PC, laptop, Smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. To sign into the gmail account, you should also have to create a gmail or Google account and you should have a username and password to sign into your gmail account. After creating the username and password you need to keep this information safe. You should never share your gmail password to anyone.  Once you have the required device and internet connection signing into gmail is a simple task as gmail offers login interface which is very easy to understand and follow.

How To Sign In To Gmail?

If you find it difficult to sign in to your login account, follow the steps given below:

Step-1 Go to the official website of Gmail and select the sign in option.

Step-2 you will find the sign in interface where you will have to enter your username and password. Your username and e-mail address are the same.

Step-3-Enter the email address you have selected while creating the Gmail account on the first column in the interface.

Step-4 Now enter the password you created while registering for the Gmail account in the second column. Make sure that you are entering the right password you used with the email address for Gmail account.

Step-5 Once you complete filling the two columns in the sign in interface, click on the “sign in” button below the columns.

Now you will be signed into your Gmail account and you can start viewing your emails or sending your mails. You will find that the e-mail service from Google is problem free as they regularly update their services.

Errors While Signing In

Sometimes error message will be shown while trying to sign in to your Gmail account. This is mainly because you might have entered the password wrongly or you might have entered the wrong e-mail address. When the message shows that you have entered the wrong password, you might have made mistakes in the spelling of the password. Try to sign in by re-entering the password.

Forgot Your Password?

Sometimes people forget their password to the login Gmail account and this will make sign-in difficult.  If you have forgotten the password, you can request for a new password for your account. If you want to reset the password, you can click on the “need help?” option in the “sign in” interface and follow the steps provided by the gmail to reset the password or to recover the password.

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