Gmail vs other services email

There is no doubt that you will be having an email account already. It is hard to find a person without an email account these days. The main question here is whether or not you are satisfied with your email service provider and the features that are offered or whether you are looking for another email service provider with ease of use and better features. If you want to make the best deal with your email account, then it is time for you to think of changing to one that offers a host of features.

gmail vs other service

There are many email services that have been around for many years now. Yahoo mail, Hotmail (now Outlook mail), AOL, FastMail and many more are some of the popular email service providers. Out of all these free web based email service, Gmail stands out and has the largest number of users on board.

Gmail offers you the free mail storage capacity of 15GB, which is a huge storage space. There are many email service providers that offer free storage space, but not the amount that Gmail offers. Gmail also keeps spam away from inbox by a greater percentage than most of the other email service providers. By using Gmail, you can be almost sure that no spam message will be seen in your primary inbox. Along with this, Gmail will also cut down on SSL as it is turned off by default.

The Gmail will organize the emails that you receive on the conversational basis, so that you can have a quick glance of all the important mails first and then go on to less important emails. This feature is not available in most of the other email services. The important messages are flagged to the top of your inbox so that you can check it out quickly. You will never need to look for important emails in a maze of new emails. Gmail is also very easy to access on all popular phones. This will allow you to send and receive mails while you are on the move. You will be able to chat with your Google friends from Gmail itself.

Gmail’s main USP is that it has a very easy, neat and minimalist design and hence it is very easy to use. Even novice users will be able to get a hang of Gmail within a few minutes. You can also view inbox and a new email side by side at the same time through the new ‘labs’ feature. Gmail offers you an easy way to organize your email. You will see messages in your inbox in date order and priority inbox emails are put on top of the unread messages.

Gmail has the capacity to automatically sort the different messages that you receive by content into social, promotions, primary, updates and forums category. You just need to click on the respective category to see the mails under this category. Gmail also offers you the option of choosing the image that you want to use as your Gmail background.

With so many features, Gmail is the best email service to switch your email account.

Gmail Inbox App vs Email

The next evolution of Google mail is here and it is known as the Gmail inbox app. This is the new email app from Google offered for Smartphone and tablet users. It has been designed to make life easier, but does it do so, will be known at the end of this article when both Gmail inbox app and Gmail email is compared. The people who have used Gmail email on their computers and laptops as well as on their tablets would have by now become very accustomed using this user friendly interface.

gmail inbox app

Gmail inbox app is a new way of using Gmail email services, and it gives the user even better control of its interface. It may look a bit complicated at the beginning, but on regular use you will find its interface to be as easy as using the Gmail email. The Inbox app is a major change brought about by Google and it is not just limited to user interface change. You will find a world of difference in the way you will be interacting with your Gmail account when using the Gmail Inbox app.

The main and interesting feature of the Gmail vs other services email is that it threads emails in sequential fashion and will categorize the emails that you receive in folders like social, promotions, updates, forums and so on so that you have easy and instant access to mails. This is a feature that you can use in Gmail as well. You need not go through each and every mail to see its content as every email will be categorized according to its content in the respective folders. Hence, interaction with your mails gets easy and you will also be able to check out your important mails first.

inbox by gmail

Inbox suits well for those interested in using it as the primary email app as it offers you a better approach of searching through the emails. The Inbox free email app is available for Apple and Android phone users as well as for Google Chrome browser users on computers and laptops. The Inbox app offers even better sorting of the emails than the Gmail email service as it categorizes emails into what it calls ‘bundles’ like: finance, social promotions, travel, purchase, etc. You have the option of creating your own sorting labels so that your future mails get sorted automatically. It also allows you to hide messages for certain bundles and you can set certain bundle messages to show on specific times of the day or night.

The Inbox email app gives you the option to use snooze, pinning, done and sweep functions on every email you receive. Done is archiving your emails and sweeping sends a bunch of messages to done folder. Important messages can be pinned and not so important messages can be snoozed so that you can see it leisurely later.

The main selling point of the Gmail Inbox app is its search option. It is very easy and faster to find anything in the Inbox and a search will also give you precise information like phone number instantly. With so many other features, there is no doubt that Gmail inbox app is a worthy replacement for Gmail.